2012-02-24 в 13:08 

Ведь в этом мире мне нечего больше терять, кроме мертвого чувства предельной вины...

It's sad and bitter - dreams turned to litter
I feel so tired
A flame of passion has burned to ashes
I'm uninspired:
See royal spouse - force smiling mouth
To hide my terror
Naive ambitions -
What's a position?
Marriage is my worst error.

Serg's only sire is his desire
He's moved by temper
I see the abyss and try to save us
My voice's too tender
I will endure - he falls for sure
Into temptation
Our future's covered
By stormy cloud
Marriage is my damnation!

The poor Highness has few of slyness
The picture's clear
The civil riot will soon provide us
No chance for living
My life's a mortgage, my son's a hostage
The crown's a torture!
Serg will destroy us,
Despite we're Royals
Marriage is my misfortune...


My vows of passion, dreams of possesion
Will never come true
My love's in torment, i can't afford it
Your knight will break through
My heart still worships the holy object
Of my affection
I'm not a stranger
For you, my angel -
My sword is your protection!

Enough for now - I won't allow
Tear you to pieces
You are a lady with sinless baby
My dear Princess
Your Prince's a villain, I'm deadly willing
Severely treat him.
You're worth of best fate
Than his filth and hate -
My sword will bring you freedom!


The Vor is teasing, his sword's a reason
For mortal duel
The words are useless, both sides are ruthless
The death is cruel


Your good intents now pave my inferno
Refuse addictions
We are a couple
I should stay supple
Your sword is my perdition!

2012-02-24 в 18:46 

Хорошая крыша летает сама!

2012-02-24 в 19:01 

Ведь в этом мире мне нечего больше терять, кроме мертвого чувства предельной вины...
Menada, :bravo: сэнькс!

2012-02-24 в 21:07 

Как тебе это удалось, Umeko?
я как вспомню, как мы мучались, сочиняя это на имеющуюся мелодию, так вздрогну.... Диалог не слишком интеллектуальный, а оно все такое романтическое, ужос!
Большое тебе уважение и восхищам-с.

2012-02-24 в 21:18 

Ведь в этом мире мне нечего больше терять, кроме мертвого чувства предельной вины...
Смоляни, я уже Аннушке писала - оно такое трудное, что я почувствовала, что это вызов. Или я его добью, или оно меня ))) Так на голой решимости поймала озарение, а остальное - дело техники и тщательного подбора выразительных средств )))) Мне очень приятно, что тебе понравилось.

2012-03-01 в 18:31 

My heart is broken, my mind awoken
My dreams were foolish
The flame of passion burned to ashes
All love extinguished
When I see his face I hide my hate
My smiles are faked
I've paid the price for
The life I dreamed of
My wedding day - the day I made a terrible mistake

Serg's truest master is his cruelest passion
His vile obsession
The pit beneath him will receive him
There's no salvation
His brutal games have taught me pain
He would destroy me
My future's clouded
In darkness shrouded
My wedding day - the day fate laid a curse on me

My royal title gives no requital
I see the future
When war begins, no matter who wins
We are the losers
There's no hope if my son's a captive
The curse of power!
And if we kill him
We'll still be victims
My wedding day - the day my life was utterly destroyed

My loving dreams and earnest schemes
May never happen
My heart is true, I'll see it through
I won't abandon
My holy queen to perils unseen
You aren't forgotten.
From every danger
I'll guard my angel
The sword I bear - will be your guard and your protection

I solemnly vow, you're safe for now
Be not afraid
No harm will come to your baby son
From that sadist
Bound by your word, your pleas unheard
Your days are wasted
A helpless vassal
Locked in his castle
The sword I bear - will be the door of your salvation

Our noblest lords take up their swords
As arguments
And with their lives they'll pay the price
For their disputes

Death is the fate that will await me
If I permit this
And though I hate him
I won't betray him
The sword you bear - will lead to nothing but my death

- Philomytha


"Legend of Prince" rock opera