2012-03-05 в 22:13 

A first draft for this one:

My noble prince, I'm glad I caught you here
You're right on time, just as you always are
I'd like a chance to whisper in your ear
And say a word before this goes too far

You know that I will always guard your back
And I am honoured to call myself your ally
I hate to say it--but I have to ask
Are you quite sure that you can trust your wife?

Princess Kareen is a most noble lady
But the story's circulating far and wide
Vortala's got his eye on her all day
He's always standing by her side

It's no fault of the princess, please don't worry
There's no cause to doubt her -- I think.
And in truth, my prince, I'm truly sorry
That I had to burden you with this

I'm sure it's nothing but a load of nonsense
I beg you keep your feelings to yourself
I know your wife would never dare dishonour--
But I am sorry, sir ... oh yes.

Oh, go away and take your gossip with you!
And may God protect you if any of it true

- Philomytha

2012-03-05 в 22:14 

Aargh, the last line is 'may God protect you if any of it is true'. You'd think proofreading it four times would be enough...

- Philomytha


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