2012-01-11 в 22:34 

Хорошая крыша летает сама!
куски от реплик Иллиана

If he is gone
who gets the throne?
Be that he's strong or lacks back-bone
By law the power's his alone

to judge it all
is not my call
to stay alive in this pitfall
the prince has no chance at all
none whatsoever

2012-02-20 в 16:07 

A draft of this, with some help from Tel and borrowing a few bits from Menada's verses. I've chosen to leave out a lot of the rhyme, in the hope of getting a better translation and a better fit to the rhythm, but I've kept it in certain verses.

The truth is that for all my tireless work
Our thirty years of peace will hold no longer
My dynasty hangs over an abyss
Past victories won't hold the state together
One law for all, for every different class
Is the principle my throne is built on
We can't forget the end of Yuri's War
In which we slew our once-beloved ruler

There is no-one to follow my reign
I cannot have my son as my successor
He hasn't got the strength to restrain
Himself, much less this royal power

If he is gone who gets the throne?
Will he have strength to rule alone?
By law the power's his to hold
Without objection.
And then there's still your man Grishnov
With his pack of savage dogs
And the Prince leading the charge
To destroy us

The Emperor must be loved by every class
If he's not, then terror and destruction
Will cover all the land in bloody strife
The kind of thing that would delight our Vor
We stand upon the brink of civil war
But there's a way that I might hold it back
Weaken the army, to give the state
A chance to survive this disaster

Serg's in command, and he will lead the fleet
We'll say, that all may know the story
He lost his life in some heroic feat
In death his name is famed for glory

(having trouble posting this, will try it in two parts)

2012-02-20 в 16:08 

And the second part...

Well, it's not for me to say
The bitter price that you must pay
But the Prince won't get away
From this betrayal.
You know the nation still may fall
And the whole army's waiting for
Some new leader who will call
For revolution.

Yes, the army's always at our throats
It's traditional to stir up armed rebellion
I won my throne with military aid
I've played all these dirty games before
At home our enemies are all around
Abroad is danger of a different sort
At Escobar the army will collapse
And some men here will also fall from power

- Philomytha


"Legend of Prince" rock opera